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Black men abusing and not liking black women is not a small minority like what world do you live in ?

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phillanthropist said: Hey QN, I think I have and understanding of the term" anhk" but I want to be sure. So basically it's black/poc who pretend they're about the life but actually perpetuate harmful and/or problematic practices and beliefs?



An ankh is a person that is pro black within the confines of the black straight male being supreme.

Ankhs are typically homophobic sexists that fetishize black women  and demand their silence. They demonize feminists, trans people, Christians and are usually a five percenter, Muslim, agnostic, or atheist.

They are called ankhs because they often wear an ankh on their person. They  have very little knowledge about Africa, but cling to Egypt as though it is the only portion of Africa that is important. This is usually due to ignorance as well as the pan african exchange that took place in the 90’s.

They will use terms such as “melinated, Kemet, king, queen, nubian etc.”

"If you’re offended, keep it to yourself, don’t speak for Japanese people"

*speaks for Japanese people*

That video was a mess. Everything that you should not say, she said. I’m pretty sure I knew more in 2nd grade about Japan from what my Japanese grandparents taught me than she does now. 

But I mean, she tried it. 

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Like why can’t y’all try to learn about West/Central Africa? Let Egypt go.

Ooo but then the ankh’s couldn’t be powerful gods and kings, because through their eyes OBVIOUSLY the only power from Africa comes from the north. 

But they don’t fall for the same white supremacist bull shit, nah…